Let me share one cold, hard fact with you. Insurance companies are more interested in making profits than in assisting their customers.

You’re nodding in agreement, I bet. But do you truly realize what that means? Some common standards of business ethics go by the wayside when it comes to insurance companies and claims.

I just read a great blog post, “My First Experience with Adjuster Law‏” by Myrtle Beach trial lawyer David Swanner. He does a fantastic job of describing some of the methods insurance company adusters use to manipulate plaintiff attorneys.


Insurance companies manipulate facts

Swanner writes about the first time he met a Geico “super adjuster” who came to wrap up a bunch of cases all at once. The adjuster didn’t pore over the claimants’ medical records or study their demands. She glanced at the files and came up with one snap reason after another why she didn’t think the cases were valid.

Seeing this happen to five cases in a row, Swanner realized something every personal injury attorney and every accident claimant needs to know: the insurance company will look for any plausible reason to NOT PAY a settlement.

Here are some examples of things adjusters might say about your claim:

  • You went to the doctor too quickly. You must be faking an injury.
  • You waited too long to see the doctor. You must not have a real injury.
  • You’re too young. Your injury will go away.
  • You’re too old. Your health problems don’t stem from the accident, but from pre-existing conditions.

It’s kind of like the fairytale about Goldilocks – except insurance adjusters are determined to NEVER declare anything “just right.”

Insurance companies manipulate people

The Ziff Law Firm has a newsletter, “Legal News You Can Use” (sign up to receive your copy here). In the Spring 2008 issue, we featured a story about an insurance company that placed investigators undercover in a church support group to spy on a couple with an accident claim! Unbelievable.

I deal with insurance company BS every day. I know that you have to combat their tactics with the honest facts and the hard work of preparing a strong case. They have adjusters and lawyers on their side – shouldn’t you have an attorney working for your best interests on your side?

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