Why do we enjoy fairytales? Because they paint a picture of the world that we would like to be true. Bad people get punished, good people live happily every after, and slimy frogs are just a peck away from turning into princes.

Yeah, right.

Dream on. If you are a New York or Pennsylvania car accident victim, you need to be clear of illusions when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and choosing a lawyer.

Common myths about accident cases

  • If you write the insurance company a letter and are reasonable, you will get a reasonable settlement offer. Not true. The insurance company’s goal is to protect its profits, not to be your benefactor.
  • When you are in an accident and the insurance company calls you to ask for a recorded statement, you are required to give them a recorded statement or they won’t settle with you. Not true.
  • All lawyers who advertise that they handle accident cases have the same abilities, tools and experience to handle your case. Absolutely untrue. Lawyers specialize in practice types, plus they vary in skill and experience.
  • The insurance company for the person who hit you is obligated to pay your medical bills as they are incurred. That may end up being the case, but the insurance company will not volunteer to pay your bills.
  • The tort liability system is some sort of lottery that will help you get rich. Absolutely not.
  • Just because there has been an accident and it wasn’t your fault, there must be some insurance company that will pay for your medical bills, lost wages and injuries. That is a nice fantasy.
  • If a lawyer refers you to a doctor, that is a good idea. Doctors who do examinations for the insurance company are not as “independent” as you might think. The insurance company’s goal is to diminish or discredit your medical claims.
  • Juries in New York and Pennsylvania are generous. Make that fair, but exacting. You need to have your case clearly laid out and be prepared to contend with the lawyers of the insurance company.

BEFORE making ANY decisions in handling with your accident case, you should read my book, “Learn the Five Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your Accident Case.” I wrote it to offer accident victims good, useful advice about their New York or Pennsylvania personal injury claims.

Read it BEFORE you talk to an insurance adjuster or an attorney who wants you to come in for a “Free Consultation.” It will clear your mind of myths and keep you from making mistakes that could kill your accident case.

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