092012_PEDCROSSINGA child was  hospitalized Monday after being struck by a car on Clemens Center Parkway in Elmira.

Police told the news media here and here the child was in stable condition, and officers are looking for witnesses to the accident.

Those with information are asked to call the police Traffic Bureau at 607-737-5640.

The parkway is one of the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in the Twin Tiers. It is very wide and takes people a long time to cross. Those who are older, have disabilities or in poor physical condition face a real challenge in beating the light.

Too many people are struck and injured or killed while crossing that four-lane, 40-mph roadway. And let’s face it — many of the motorists hit speeds of 50 mph when driving on the parkway.

Pedestrian Crossing Sign_originalPedestrians must remember to use the walk buttons when they are crossing at the traffic signals. The walk buttons give most people sufficient time to cross the road, as long as they walk briskly and remain vigilant for approaching vehicles and drivers turning right on the red light.

Your life is always in danger when you are crossing the parkway; don’t be distracted. Be very aware of what motorists, bicyclists and other pedestrians are doing.

Tell me about your pedestrian close calls in the comments section below. Where have you had your closest call? What are other dangerous crossings in Elmira, Corning, Sayre, Waverly, Towanda, Watkins Glen, Mansfield and Wellsboro?

Your comments will help others know the most dangerous places for pedestrians!

Thanks for reading!

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