Welcome!! After a LONG time ‘thinking’ about publishing a blog, it’s nice to finally move beyond the thinking to the DOING!!

We are very excited to share with our readers our views on the MANY issues that arise in NY Injury cases– we will be talking about NY laws, NY courts, NY cases! Frankly, we will be talking about all things NY and those things that interest us (law technology, gadgets, etc.).

We encourage YOU to tell us what YOU want to hear about. Post a comment or send a direct email to info@zifflaw.com. We want to know what is of interest to you.

But please appreciate that although we will be discussing all sorts of legal issues, you should NOT take anything we say to be legal advice for any specific person. The only way to give proper legal advice is to know ALL the details of your case and we can’t possibly know that unless we have taken the time to learn all the facts necessary to answer your specific legal question. With that said, we hope to generally discuss legal issues in a way that will help folks better understand how NY injury law works…..