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Here’s a natural follow up to our recent post regarding New York’s new law banning texting while driving. While the $150 fine isn’t a huge deterrent to drivers engaging in the dangerous practice of texting while driving, hopefully the gory video below will make people think twice about risking it…….

Three teenage girls are driving down a busy road laughing and chatting. The driver is texting a message to a boy they know, and doesn’t realize she’s drifting into the oncoming lane until …

I’ll stop there, but given that this is the description of a new anti-texting public service announcement, it will be no surprise that texting while driving leads to some horrible consequences.

What may surprise you about the short video, created by the Gwent Police Department in Wales and making the rounds of the Internet right now, is just how graphic the consequences are depicted as being.

You can view the anti-texting video on YouTube, but you must verify that you are age 18 or older. It is horrifying, but not gratuitously, I believe.

What this video does is show, unflinchingly, the repercussions for a whole group of people because a single driver wasn’t paying attention. I urge everyone to watch it – and if you are a parent of a teenager old enough to drive, but under age 18, you might want to consider watching it with them.

I can’t imagine this video not sticking with anyone for a long time. Once you see it, it’s impossible to believe that texting while driving is worth the risk to yourself, your passengers, or anyone on the road.

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