Get a lifetime pass to visit Watkins Glen State Park and other New York State parks. Photo: Finger Lakes Wine Country.

Get a lifetime pass to visit Watkins Glen State Park and other New York State parks. Photo: Finger Lakes Wine Country.

If you hunt or fish in our great state, or you’d rather visit one of our wonderful state parks like Watkins Glen State Park, you can now buy a lifetime outdoor recreation pass and never have to worry about annual renewal fees again.

The New York State Adventure License Series gives New Yorkers and visitors to our state an Adventure License. The state also unveiled nine new license plate designs in connection with the new series.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other state officials, in a recent news release, said the series and plates will enhance sporting and recreational options and boost tourism.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to promote New York as a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen, we are launching the NYS Lifetime Adventure License Series that will allow New Yorkers to hunt, fish and enjoy our vast state parks for the rest of their lives,” Cuomo said. “Under this program, we are creating the new Adventure License to make it easier for New Yorkers who hold these lifetime passes to travel and enjoy outdoor activities across the state, as well as new special Adventure License Plates available free to anyone who signs up for a lifetime hunting, fishing or parks license this year. With this initiative, we are growing the state’s tourism industry even further and creating jobs for communities statewide. And most of all, we are excited to offer New Yorkers and visitors the opportunity to enjoy and explore the Empire State’s great outdoors for a lifetime.”

New York’s Lifetime Adventure License Series

  • Lifetime Hunting License: $535 for small/big game.
  • Lifetime Fishing License: $460.
  • Lifetime Empire Passport: $750 with special offer. In addition, as a free one-time special bonus, purchasers will be able to select from any one of the following: a free week of camping, a free round of golf for four, or a $100 State Parks gift card.
  • Adventure License Plates: Adventure license plates will be free of charge for those purchasing new lifetime licenses in 2014, including one free plate renewal. Nine beautiful plate designs are available to display the lifetime commitment that hunters, anglers and parks visitors have made.
  • NYS Adventure Licenses: Lifetime holders of sporting licenses, Lifetime Empire Passports, and NY Safe Boating Certificates have the opportunity to consolidate their paper licenses onto one document, their New York State driver’s license. The license will feature icons including: a deer and fish for sportsmen lifetime licensees; an arrowhead for bowhunting; a bobcat paw for trapping; a powderhorn for muzzleloading; an anchor for a boating safety certificate; and a maple leaf for Lifetime Empire Passports.

To purchase a lifetime pass or to learn more about these offers, go here.

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