Bob Kraft is a Dallas, Texas attorney practicing in the areas of Social Security Disability and personal injury. He wrote an excellent blog today titled “Fatal Mistakes Social Security Disability Clients Make.” The text of which is pasted below.

“Fatal” Mistakes Social Security Disability Clients Make

This is a short list of mistakes we have seen our clients make over the years. Whether you are our client, another lawyer’s client, or simply trying to represent yourself in a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, you should read this list carefully and maybe you can avoid making one of these “fatal” mistakes.

* Not being completely honest with the lawyer regarding medical conditions, work status, and drug or alcohol use.

* Not going to the doctor regularly or not taking all the medications prescribed by the doctor.

* Not attending all meetings scheduled with the lawyer.

* Not keeping Social Security and the lawyer informed of the client’s current address and telephone number.

* Committing a crime that would cause Social Security to question the client’s credibility.

* Saying anything untruthful during the hearing with the Administrative Law Judge.

* Continuing to smoke while claiming disability for heart or respiratory disease.

* Not reading all letters from Social Security or from the lawyer, and missing a deadline contained in a letter.

* Using illegal drugs or abusing legal drugs and alcohol.

* Not attending medical examinations scheduled by Social Security.

* Failing to tell the lawyer about every doctor the client has seen.

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