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I’m not Moses bringing down the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai. Heck . . . I’m not even Charlton Heston as Moses. I am an attorney who currently represents about 700 Workers’ Compensation claimants.

You can think of my Ten Workers’ Compensation Commandments as the “Ten Compmandments” and they are among the habits of folks whose Comp cases do well.

1. Immediately report your work injury to your employer.

2. Inform your medical providers that they’re treating you for a work related injury.

3. Treat with your physician every 45 days. If you don’t, you may not be eligible for comp payments for the time periods for which you don’t have up-to-date medical.

4. If you are less than totally disabled because of your work injury, look for work within your restrictions. See my post NY Workers’ Comp and Labor Market Attachment Revisited.

5. Do not talk with insurance company claim representatives or investigators. Inform them that you’re represented and let your attorney talk to them.

6. Do not heed your neighbor’s Comp advice. Discuss your case with an attorney.

7. Inform your attorney when you return to work or if you perform any work.

8. Keep your attorney’s office updated with your latest contact information: address; phone number; and email.

9. Attend your hearings.

10. Keep your all of your Comp records forever.

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