Elmira police said an accident Thursday morning involved just minor injuries, but accident victims should always be checked my medical professionals to be sure their injuries are not serious.

A hit-and-run accident Thursday morning on Elmira’s east side has the Elmira Police Department looking for witnesses after receiving conflicting information about the color of the fleeing vehicle.

Police also said there were apparently just minor injuries suffered in the accident, and that phrase “apparent minor injuries” always worries me.

The accident occurred Thursday morning at East Church Street and Madison Avenue, not far from our office at 303 William St.

Police told the Star-Gazette that an eastbound vehicle was struck from behind, and the striking vehicle fled the scene. The police added that it appeared that there were just minor injuries, but there were several ambulances on the scene, so it’s premature to say that the injuries were not serious!

Please remember this if you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident:

As an experienced accident lawyer, I can tell you that sometimes minor injuries suffered in car accidents can develop into serious injuries. If you are injured in an accident, always get checked by an emergency room doctor of your personal doctor. What appears to be minor at that moment may take your life later! 

Police said they received conflicting information from the scene about the color of the striking vehicle. Anyone with information about the striking vehicle should call the Elmira Police tip line at 607-271-HALT.

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