Most folks don’t have a clue that if you drive drunk and are injured, your health insurance carrier may have no obligation to cover your medical bills for the injuries you have suffered!

As an accident lawyer who has represented many, many victims of drunk drivers I don’t have any sympathy for drunk drivers who injure, maim and kill my innocent clients, I nonetheless feel bad for the families of the drunk driver who may face staggering medical bills that are not covered by any insurance coverage. Chalk this up as one more, of the MANY, good reasons why no one should EVER Drink and Drive. Save a life– call a cab!

A blog post from Ben Glass, a fellow accident lawyer from Virginia and friend of mine, got me thinking about this issue. Here’s Ben’s post about a recent case on this issue:

Drive Drunk and Lose Health Insurance Benefits

In Lennon v. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co, the 6th Circuit had joined that chorus of courts that have denied health insurance or life insurance benefits to someone who drives drunk and hurts or kills themselves.

The court held that such “accidents” are not accidents at all when you drive drunk and get in a crash. The plan administrator was not wrong to deny benefits.

Obviously, you should never drive while intoxicated. Besides all those other good reasons like you might get arrested, hurt someone or face increased insurance rates, you might also find that none of your hospital bills are paid and, if you die as a result of your foolishness, your family may be denied benefits.