Got a shiny new GPS for Christmas? A word to the wise– please, please, please do not blindly follow your GPS. As great as a GPS can be (particularly to those stubborn males like myself who refuse to ask for directions!), they are not infallible.

A fellow from Bedford Hills, NY, learned this simple lesson when his car was destroyed in a huge train vs. car accident. Ouch!

Here’s a post on Engadget about this collision:

Once again proving that “people be stupid,” a Bedford Hills, New York man allowed his GPS to navigate him onto train tracks… while a train was approaching. Entering a long line of folks like Cherry Tree Guy and the Narrow Lane Invader, this mentat in question apparently followed directions to “turn right” onto a set of tracks, which he then inexplicably became stuck on. Upon noticing the speeding locomotive heading towards his car, the man jumped out of the vehicle and tried to warn the engineer by waving his arms frantically — to no avail. The train slammed into the truck at 60 MPH and pushed the vehicle more than 100-feet, damaging 250-feet of track. The man was unharmed, though we understand his ego has filed for divorce.

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