In response to ZiffLaw Attorney’s recent post regarding the new New York Don’t Text While Driving law (a GREAT law in my book), I received a FaceBook Comment from one of my best friends. Before even discussing her comment, I want to say that my friend is one of the kindest, most intelligent people I know so I truly take her comment to heart. She expressed a sentiment I hear all too often—THERE ARE TOO MANY LAWS!

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While I certainly understand that sentiment and I am the first one to admit that there are plenty of absolutely stupid laws on the books, the plain fact remains that most laws are designed to protect us and our quality of life. We are incredibly lucky to live in a society governed by laws rather than the law of the jungle…..


You know – I was just saying the other day if we added up all the new laws that protect us from ourselves and the cost to enforce these laws – states could really turn their budget around. Seat belts, cell phones, texting, car seats for 8 year olds – it’s staggering.


Dear Friend: From my perspective, the costs of our laws are a VERY small price to pay for MANY, MANY saved lives.

When seat belts first came out, people thought it was nuts but just think of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives saved…. Last week, I sat with the family mourning the loss of their 9 year old daughter who died because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt while riding in the car with a teen driver…..

I WISH people just used more common sense and such laws wouldn’t be necessary but the plain fact is that it takes laws to change behaviors….. Sorry about the soapbox speech but I think too many people focus on the bad side of the laws rather than focusing on the good that is achieved. I prefer my glass half full……

Thanks, Jim
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