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If you have been hurt in a car accident in New York State, it’s reasonable to expect you will be compensated by no-fault insurance.

After all, every car in New York State is required to carry $50,000 in no-fault coverage. But there are steps you must take to receive benefits under no-fault insurance.

Three deadlines you can’t miss

What does an injured party need to do to receive compensation? For a start, you must file notices and claims within a certain time period.

  • In order to have a claim handled by the no-fault insurance, a Notice of Accident must be filed with the proper no-fault carrier within 30 DAYS of the accident.
  • A health care bill requires that a Proof of Claim be filed within 45 DAYS of the treatment.
  • To receive compensation for lost salary and wages, a Proof of Claim for Work Loss Benefits must be filed with the insurer within 90 DAYS of the missed work.

Few excuses accepted

The deadlines may be extended, but ONLY if you, the injured party, can submit written proof that it was impossible to comply due to circumstances beyond your control. That is a difficult standard to meet.

Deadlines, forms, statements, etc. – there are many complications on the way to receiving what is justly due to an injury victim. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you keep track of all the steps you must take to have your claims compensated.

For more answers to your questions about auto accidents, insurance and injury claims, be sure to visit the Ziff Law Firm’s Accidents and Car Crash FAQs.

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