This advice seems like a no-brainer but a recent study discussed on Engadget (a super blog about all types of electronic gadgets!) scared the bejeezus out of me. This study (pasted below) found that 37% of Generation Y drivers, admitted that they text message while driving. 37%!!

That means more than a third of these young drivers are putting all of us at risk for serious injury in a car crash. Let’s face it, anything that distracts your attention from the road ahead makes you a more dangerous driver.

Last year there was a horrific car crash in Upstate N.Y. that caused the death of 5 high school girls. The investigation revealed that a text message had been sent from the drivers cell phone at the time of the crash. While it was never proven that the driver herself sent the text message, investigators speculated that the driver or her friends were distracted while texting.

Here’s the Engadget post:

Survey finds 37% of Gen Y-ers text while driving

Oh sure, Americans are adamantly against texting while driving (in theory), but that’s not stopping those mischievous Gen Y-ers from getting their SMS on while behind the wheel. According to a new survey of 1,200 people conducted by Nationwide Mutual Insurance (we know, we know), a third of the Gen Y-ers admitted to “always multitasking while driving,” and while the “always” bit does indeed frighten us a tad, the real juice was in the next statistic: 37-percent said they sent text messages while driving. Before you start belaboring the imprudent youth, think long and hard about your own in-car cellphone usage — remember that time you just had to reply “y w pep plz” in order to salvage your friend’s pizza order? Tsk tsk.
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