Over 200 people gathered for a candlelight vigil and balloon release on Friday, January 20, in the town of Union. The vigil was held after two young boys died in a car crash earlier this month. 

As a parent of a young child myself, I could not help but feel emotional when I read about the January 7 car crash in Binghamton that killed four people, including a 7-year-old and a 6-year-old.

Joseph M. Plevinsky was driving three of his grandchildren to soccer practice at the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex on Airport Road, and his minivan swerved into an opposing lane of traffic and hit the car of 56-year-old Rose Kozlowski. Mr. Plevinsky, Ms. Kozlowski, 7-year-old Joshua Henry, and 6-year-old Tyler Houghton all died as a result of the crash. The only survivor is 8-year-old Nataya Henry, who was injured and taken to Wilson Regional Medical Center in Johnson City.

Despite the incredible tragedy of this crash, something truly admirable has come out of such horror and sadness: citizens of Binghamton and the surrounding area have come together. According to the Press and Sun Bulletin in Binghamton, more than 200 people braved the cold and attended a vigil for the boys who died in the accident. Also, a fundraiser held in the Maine-Endwell school system included a pasta dinner and a basket raffle that helped to raise money to help support the surviving Henry and Houghton children and plant a tree in memory of Joshua and Tyler.

These recent headlines about people coming together to grieve and help in a time of need are a reminder of the human impact that is felt by every accident. The effects of an accident only begin at the accident scene, and it is important to be reminded of just how deep loss can be felt and just how powerful holding a candlelight vigil or hosting a pasta dinner can be.

As an attorney, I am proud to work for justice for my clients every day. The citizens of Binghamton and the surrounding area, however, demonstrate a different definition of justice and righteousness, and I applaud you for making a positive difference and teaching us all that goodness and kindness really can come out of tragedy.

Thanks, Christina

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