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New York is putting more bite in its ban on texting drivers.

New York state lawmakers made a very smart move this week that could make our roads safer – they voted to toughen penalties for motorists who text while driving.

The New York state Assembly and Senate passed a bill that will make it easier for police to crack down on texting offenders, according to reporter Joseph Spector of the Gannett Albany Bureau.

My only question is – WHAT TOOK SO LONG?

State law currently makes texting while driving a secondary offense this means you cannot be pulled over for texting while driving – police are only allowed to ticket drivers for texting if they are pulled over for some other offense.

Police and safety officials have said the law, adopted in 2009, does not have the teeth to cut down on most texting drivers.

The new bill would make it a primary offense, clearing the way for police to pull over motorists for texting without other possible offenses, Spector said.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo submitted his own similar legislation just a few days ago, Spector said, and is expected to sign the legislation into law.

Both proposed laws require distracted-driving education for people seeking a license, Spector said. The fine would remain at up to $150.

New York is one of only four states that has a texting ban without making it a primary offense, Spector said. It is a primary offense in 27 states, he added.

Check out a news report below from WGRZ-TV in Rochester:

Thanks for reading, and please don’t text and drive!

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