Like nearly everyone these days, I’m constantly looking for ways to use technology to make my life easier and allow me to do my job more effectively.

The recent flood of iPhone apps on the market presents many opportunities, but it’s so difficult to sort through the literally thousands of choices. Which apps work the best? Which ones are designed to fit your needs? Which ones work with different devices?

Enter Law360, an online newsletter for lawyers. Last month, Law 360 featured an article, “The Top 10 Apps for Lawyers.” Music to my ears!

Here’s an overview of the article. Although I haven’t yet tested all of the apps, I use a number of these programs frequently – and with Law 360’s recommendations, I’m sure I’ll be trying more soon.

Document management

Dropbox: a data-storage that stores info in “the cloud.” It allows you to access all types of files, including Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, and videos, from any computer or smart device. As long as you have Internet access, Dropbox makes your data available.

Documents To Go: lets attorneys easily view and edit files, as well as save documents in a specific folder – it also has a footnotes feature. The app specializes in Word documents, and makes it easier to maneuver the screen and alter text size. It’s also available for BlackBerrys, Androids and iPads, and it’s linked to Dropbox.

GoodReader: a helpful file management and access app for the iPhone and iPad. It has PDF annotation tools for highlighting, underlining and striking through text, and the app interacts with Dropbox. You may have heard of a previous PDF annotation app, IAnnotate – well, GoodReader is described as having an easier-to-use interface, one that’s simple and clean.

DocScanner: The iPhone or Android camera acts as a scanner and saves a picture (say of a document!) as a PDF. DocScanner is also integrated with Dropbox.


PlainText: a word processor for the iPhone and iPads with two integral features – it allows lawyers to create a text file and then backs it up to Dropbox. By the way, support staff with access to your Dropbox can access the documents you put there – without your having to e-mail them.

Noterize: lets lawyers mark up a document with their finger or using a stylus. It’s a key app for making quick comments or reviewing document.


Fastcase: this app for the iPhone and iPad allows lawyers to pull up any U.S. case. It tracks down information on statutes, regulations and court rules, as well, but users must be able to get Internet access for those features.

Remote access

LogMeIn Ignition: if you leave a document on their work or home computer, this remote-access app — available for Androids and Apple devices — can be a life-saver. It enables lawyers to view the screen of their computer and control it from another computer or portable device. It’s like having your work computer with you anywhere you go.


Keynote: this app is Apple’s answer to PowerPoint. The app helps create professional-style presentations. Plug your device into a projector to display the presentation on a screen. Keynote Remote is a related app that turns an iPhone into a wireless controller during a presentation.


Calvetica: A simplified calendar program for the iPhone. Calvetica lets users make quick entries and edits to their calendars. It also syncs with the iPhone calendar, so lawyers can go back and forth between using Calvetica and the built-in program.

All of these apps are available in Apple’s App Store, of course! Thanks for reading and here’s to more productivity – and more down-time!



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