j0387473It’s the top topic on every news channel – the current economic crisis. Every day you hear about more lay-offs, more businesses closings, more penny-saving advice and more worry over the stimulus package. I think everyone just wants to put their head down and get though this mess – hopefully holding on to their job, home and retirement savings in the process.

Don’t think I’m forgetting the topic area of this blog, but I just wanted to let you readers know about an important, informative – and free – event the Ziff Law Firm has coming up.

Attorney Matthew Hughson, who practices in the areas of Bankruptcy and Real Estate at the Ziff Law Firm, will be presenting two seminars, at 3 and 6 p.m. March 18th at the Steele Memorial Library in downtown Elmira, NY.

If you are facing financial difficulties, bankruptcy or foreclosure, it’s smart to learn from Matt’s experience in the field. He can explain the risks of seeking help from bankruptcy “professionals” who prey on people’s fears and uncertainty. You run the risk of jeopardizing your long-term financial security if you rely on someone who is not qualified to deal with the legal issues surrounding bankruptcy and foreclosure. Matt will explain the legal strategies that are available to cope with with these financial hardships.

To make a reservation for the seminar on March 18, please visit the Events page on our website, or call toll-free at 1-800-943-3529.

I think it’s great that lawyers like Matt are helping people navigate these very rough economic waters.

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