Kevin O’Keefe at Lexblog posted today about a relatively new website,, that assigns numerical ratings to lawyers.

Here is how Avvo describes what it does:

Avvo is a website that rates and profiles every lawyer, so you can choose the right lawyer…

The Avvo Rating: Based on information we have collected about a lawyer, the Avvo Rating is our effort to evaluate a lawyer’s background, based on the information we know about the lawyer, using a mathematical model that considers the information shown in a lawyer’s profile – information that, in our opinion, is relevant to assessing a lawyer’s qualifications

Many law bloggers have been critical of the formulas used to calculate the Avvo rating and Kevin takes these bloggers to task in his post: Avvo Bashing Foolishness. Kevin says:

What’s the danger in giving people more information in their attempt to choose a lawyer in a world that’s been dominated by lawyer yellow page ads, sleazy TV advertising, and self-aggrandizing lawyer websites? If people want to use Avvo’s lawyer directory which includes third party commentary on a lawyers services and ratings, they’ll use it. If people do not believe Avvo is worthwhile, they’ll choose not to use it.

I agree with Kevin and here’s the Comment I posted to his post:

I agree with Kevin. Like it or not, Avvo is here to stay and compared to Martindale-Hubbell I think it is a dramatic improvement (and I say that despite the fact that my firm is rated AV by MH).

MH charged outrageous fees for the same type of information that Avvo now provides for free.

I like the social aspects of the Avvo site featuring client testimonials and peer endorsements.

Who can really argue with the fact that our clients are in the best position of all to judge the quality of our work? Client satisfaction should be of paramount concern to every attorney and any of us who recognize that fact should readily embrace Avvo as a great place for our happy clients to sing our praises. I have yet to educate my clients regarding Avvo (although I intend to in my next blog post and in my newsletter) and I have yet to draw any client testimonials in Avvo but I nonetheless think it is a site that should be embraced by all attorneys with happy clients…. “It is futile to resist….” 🙂


I would be very curious to hear how clients feel about Avvo so please post a comment to this post with your input.

Thanks for reading,


Jim Reed, NY Accident Lawyer

PS BTW, here’s a link to my Avvo rating. I am proud of rating an 8.2 but I have always aspired to be a perfect 10. My wife tells me “fat chance”! 🙂