As many of you know, I am proud to represent the family of Steven Bacon. It has been one year since Steven was killed while riding his bike down Maple Avenue, Elmira NY. It has been a VERY long year for the Bacon family…..

They have endured a missing son, the discovery of his mangled body on the side of the road, a heart wrenching funeral, and a long criminal trial where many painful facts were revealed. They had to suffer through the testimony of the drivers responsible for their son’s death describing the cruel fact that although these drivers KNEW they had run down a person, they did not stop, they did not call the police, they drove away and left Steven on the side of the road…

Steven, who was riding on the shoulder of the road, was hit at high speed by a driver, Kyle Bradley, who was dangerously passing another buddy of his, Andrew Zeller. Bradley and Zeller were on their way from Bernie Murray’s Bar on the south side of Elmira to a party in Sayre, PA. Both Bradley and Zeller have a long history of trouble with the law. Mixing alcohol, speeding cars and drivers with no regard for the law is a dangerous, and in this case, fatal, combination.

My heart bleeds for Steven’s Mom, Dad and family. No one should have to go through the hell they have suffered over the last year. My prayers go out to them.


PS WETM-TV has a write-up regarding the sad Bacon story:

Family Members Mourn Steven Bacon’s Death
Reported by: Naveen Dhaliwal

ELMIRA – A mother is still deeply mourning the loss of her beloved son who was killed in a hit and run crash one year ago tomorrow.
Steven’s final resting place is on the quiet hillside section of Forest Lawn Cemetery in Elmira. It’s been a year since his death and his mother, Julie, is still so devastated that she couldn’t meet us at his gravesite.

“It’s been a hard year. It’s been really tough. I just miss him everyday, everyday,” says Steven’s mother Julie Bacon.

Seventeen year old Steven Bacon, from Gillett, was riding his bike along route 427 in the Town of Ashland when he was hit by a car on March 22nd of last year. His body was found in a field by a farmer the next day.

“It’s still fresh. It’s still fresh in your mind. It was like it was yesterday. You can’t believe he’s even gone,” says Julie Bacon.

Steven’s family looked over his grave and talked about the fun loving boy who enjoyed sports, music, and family time. They say no matter how much time passes, they will continue to remember all the good times they had with Steven. But they say the pain of not having him there still lingers.

“I think it’s not fair that he was taken away from us because he was such a good person,” says Crystal Hald, Steven’s cousin.

“It’s not the same without Steven because he use to hand out and listen to music and talk all the time, but nothing is the same without him,” says Matthew Mattison, Steven’s cousin.

In September, the driver of the car, Kyle Bradley, was found not guilty of manslaughter, but guilty for leaving the scene of the accident. Bradley was sentenced to two and one-third to seven years in prison.