It’s summer time, and in the Twin Tiers that means visitors and residents alike take advantage of the great weather and beautiful scenery. We head outside for all kinds of pursuits.

Personally, I enjoying getting out on my motorcycle whenever I get the chance.  But I am far from the only biker on the roads.  At this time of year bikers are everywhere; on the wine trails, cruising through Lake Towns like Hammondsport, Watkins Glen, Ithaca Canandaigua and Geneva, and enjoying the scenery on highways, byways, country roads and twisties.  Its not any particular type of biker either, I see everything from laid back cruisers to sport bikes, and tourers to choppers.  I see groups of Harleys, groups of BMW bikes, and riders from all over the north east and Canada.  Its a great time of year to meet some really nice people out on the roads.

There’s so much to see, so many places to stop, and our region just doesn’t have the nasty road congestion you find around a big city.  We enjoy a pretty pleasant pace of life around the Finger Lakes, but that attitude doesn’t always extend to the roads.

I came across this video on YouTube, “Look Twice for Motorcyclists.” It’s based on a British public service announcement, and it’s message is clear – if you are stopped and waiting to cross or turn onto a road, you always need to take another look before pulling out, because motorcycles can be difficult to see at first glance.

As there are more bikers on the road during the summer, I’m taking this opportunity to share the video in this post and caution drivers to give bikers a second of your time:

  • Always take a second look
  • Take an extra second before you pull out to make sure a biker isn’t headed your way.

There’s two things that you should remember about motorcycle accidents, whether you are a cager or a biker yourself:

1. Motorcycles are just not as visible as cars and trucks. Their presence doesn’t register to the eye in the same way as a vehicle does. All too often, the lament after an accident is “I just didn’t see the motorcycle.” I recently wrote a blog post, “NY Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Explains Why Drivers Don’t See Bikers” about the phenomenon of “motion camouflage,” an actual facet of our visual perception that may explain why drivers sometimes don’t see oncoming motorcyclists. Forewarned is forearmed, though. Now that you know, take that extra look.

2. Motorcyclists don’t fare well in collisions with cars – or any other vehicles, for that matter. Part of what makes riding so enjoyable is the freedom we feel on our bike But that freedom leaves us very vulnerable in a crash.

Summer means more bikers on the road. Please slow down and take an extra look before pulling out – a biker’s life could depend on it.

I know I am preaching to choir by posting this article on this blog, but we just never know who may come across it.  I will also be posting a version of this post on my law firm’s general injury blog at

Thanks for reading.

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