In one of the most frightening freak accidents I’ve ever heard of, a 53-year-old man was struck by lightning and fatally injured while riding his motorcycle on a Colorado road.

According to witnesses who called the area television station, of Denver, Colorado, the man was struck directly on the head and the lightning split his helmet open. He was listed in critical condition for a time, but eventually died from his injuries. I’ve pasted an updated copy of the story from KUSA-TV below:

“Motorcyclist dies after being struck by lightning”

CHAFFEE COUNTY – The motorcyclist that was struck by lightning over the weekend has died.

The Chaffee County Sheriffs Department says that 53-year-old William John Carr of Pompana Beach, Florida was struck by lightning on Saturday afternoon while riding his motorcycle with friends on Highway 285 near mile marker 138.

Carr was taken to Heart of the Rockies Hospital and then flown to St. Anthonys Central Hospital. Authorities say he died on Tuesday night.

Many times I blog about risks and mistakes that motorcyclists take, actions that put their safety at risk. But storms can come up quickly, before you can find shelter. We are all aware of the danger from rain on roadways, especially for the first 15 minutes or so until the oils are washed off, but one thing I never thought of was lightning.  Lightning is very dangerous and unpredictable – I feel for Mr. Carr’s family and the shock they must be in after such an awful, sudden accident.

All I can add is that if you feel there’s the slightest chance of lightning coming in a summer storm, head for shelter. Riding’s not worth that risk.  Overpasses are a great place to stop, they will protect you from the rain and lightning.

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