Most motorcycle riders prepare themselves to ride — they slip on their helmets, armored clothes and gloves and check the weather to be sure they will be safe.

G-4 Watch For Motorcycles GRAPHICBut what happens if you’re riding in a group and someone else has an accident?

Are you prepared to help, and even more important, trained to help? has a great post on how you be prepared in the face of disaster.

Among the suggestions:

  • Contact your local Red Cross chapter for CPR and first aid training.
  • Remember to warn oncoming traffic so the disaster does not turn into multiple injuries and fatalities.
  • Does the downed rider need immediate help? That is the first step in assessing the extent of the injuries. Never move a downed rider.
  • Always carry a first-aid kit with everything you may need, including gauze bandages, latex gloves and much more.
  • Put direct pressure on the wound if someone is bleeding.

Read the complete post for many more details and be prepared. I hope you will never need to be ready to help a downed rider, but better to be ready!

Thanks for reading.


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