Weekends are meant to be the time we leave work worries and cares behind and get a chance to indulge in our interests. For many people in the Twin Tiers, during the summer this means getting out on our motorcycles.

Along with the thrill and exhilaration of riding a motorcycle, however, comes some risk. This was recently evidenced by an weekend car/motorcycle accident in Wysox Township:

A copy of the WETM story is pasted below, as reported by Jeff Stone

“Woman Injured in Motorcycle Crash”

Wysox Township, Pa. – A Warren Center woman was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash Saturday in Bradford County. Pennsylvania State Police say 25-year old Stacy Wolfe was traveling on Route 6 in Wysox Township when a car coming in the opposite direction made a left-hand turn and crashed into Wolfe’s motorcycle.

Wolfe was thrown from the motorcycle and received severe injuries. Police say the driver of the car was 65-year old Evelyn Boyles of Wysox.

Although the precise circumstances of the accident and any investigation has not yet been revealed, I look on this as another chance to advocate caution. I recently blogged about a theory of “motion camouflage” that suggests motorcyclists are not always visible to car drivers (“NY Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Explains Why Drivers Don’t See Bikers”). All I can say is be vigilant on the road and let’s hope for a full and speedy recovery for Stacy Wolfe.

In a separate incident, an Elmira, NY man suffered a broken leg when he was rear ended – yes REAR ENDED! on Interstate 86 near the Waverly, NY exit.  No media reported on this case, but I became aware of it when he came to see me.  It seems he was riding home from work at shortly after 11:00 PM  wearing a jacket with armor and reflective patches, gloves, boots and a full face shield helmet.  He also had one of those reflective bands around his helmet.  He was riding a sport cruiser with lots of rear lights, and even had two reflectors attached to his rear seat in addition to the tail lights.  Somehow, a guy manages to miss all that and rear ends him, dumping my client onto the middle of I-86.  He somehow avoided getting run over by traffic, but is looking at a long period of recovery.

Our preliminary investigation reveals the driver that rear ended our client was playing with his radio when he smashed in to our client

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!

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