MotorcycleAtTrafficLight-300x300All motorcyclists know the feeling — we drive up to a red light and wait. And wait. And wait if no cars come to trigger the traffic sensor, we have to wait until a car or truck comes to save us, or run the light when it safe to do so and risk getting a ticket.

Red_Traffic_Signal_motorcyclesNow the state of Washington has come up with a new law that will cut down on waiting in their state. You can see stories here and here.

Wisconsin has had a similar law since 2006.

The new Washington law says motorcyclists can proceed through a red light — with great caution — if the traffic light did not turn green during a full cycle.

Are you reading this, New York State and Pennsylvania?  This is a law that makes sense, especially in semi rural areas of the twin tiers where another vehicle may not come along for some time.  Contact your local ABATE chapter about supporting a bill that make this common sense change to New York’s and Pennsylvania’s existing laws, so you don’t get stuck at a red light someday in the middle of nowhere wondering whether that red light will mail you a ticket if you run through it!

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