The motorcyclist walked away from this crash because he believed in the ATGATT philosophy. (Photo courtesy WSYR-TV)

A motorcyclist suffered just a few minor injuries when he was thrown from his bike Sunday evening on Interstate 81 in the Syracuse area.

The motorcyclist told police his brakes locked up and he was thrown from the bike and landed near the guardrail. His bike landed in the median, according to WSYR-TV.

He was very fortunate that he was not struck by vehicles behind him. But he’s probably back on his feet today because of decisions he made before he got on the bike.

You never know what will happen when you get on a bike, which is why you should always wear All The Gear, All The Time (ATGATT).  I can guarantee you that this guy was riding ATGATT, or he wouldn’t have walked away from being dumped in the road at highway speeds. 

For a look at what can happen when unprotected skin hits the pavement, read my previous blog post about a The world famous Road Rash Girl, who suffered painful, debilitating road rash in a motorcycle accident where she was not protected properly.

There is also a great blog post by Bud Miller, who writes as the Commuting Motorcyclist on RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring and Travel.

Bud, a strong advocate of ATGATT, recalls a harrowing crash he had where he walked away with just a broken collarbone thanks to the fact that he was wearing the proper equipment.

It’s important reading for all motorcyclists in Elmira, Corning and the Twin Tiers. His description of the crash is unforgettable.

Thanks for reading, and always ride safely!


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