Credit: Mashable.

Credit: Mashable.

Where can I try one of these helmets RIGHT NOW?

The folks at Mashable say a team of inventors is seeking funding through indiegogo to bring built-in navigation and augmented reality to motorcycle helmets. Mashable calls it Google Glass for helmets!

This is a great idea for bikers — if it makes riding safer. Mashable and others have been critical of many of the high-tech dashboards in the newer cars as just another high-tech, hard-to-use distraction.

But perhaps the motorcycle helmet, with technology compared to the type used by fighter pilots (!), will be an improvement. Mashable compares it to the  helmets worn by F-35 fighter jet pilots, which would project a clear, colorful picture on the visor of the helmet. But it would also prevent users from accessing videos or games while riding!

The helmet, which would be priced at at least $1,500 when it comes out in 2014, will have two powerful batteries, a microphone with voice control for hands-free use, and — best of all — a help command to contact local authorities in case of an emergency on the road.

Be sure to go to Mashable to learn more about the project. It includes a video that shows the helmet in action.

Thanks for reading, and remember to ride safely!


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