A car-motorcycle collision Monday evening on the Corning Road or Miracle Mile or Route 14 or whatever else you want to call it in Horseheads near the Big Top ice cream stand is the latest reminder of how dangerous that road is for motorcyclists — and all motorists.

G-4 Watch For Motorcycles GRAPHICThe lanes are narrow, drivers routinely drive over the speed limit and there are no left turning lanes for large stretches of it. People turning left into a home or business or street before the turn lane begins take their lives in their hands.

WETM-TV reported that the collision occurred at about 6 p.m. Monday, during the height of rush hour on the Miracle Mile. That is one of the  most dangerous times on a treacherous road.

There are a couple of lessons that can be learned from this collision – first, as a biker, consider avoiding the Miracle Mile!  There are a lot more scenic and safer roads to get you where you want to go.  Sure, they may not be the fastest, but we don’t ride because we want to get there fast.  Slow down, take the scenic route, and get there is one piece.

I handled an injury case at this exact spot a few years back.  A woman and her daughter were stopped in a car, waiting to make a left hand turn into the Big Top when they were creamed from behind.  Luckily the driver hadn’t turned the wheel yet, so she wasn’t pushed into oncoming traffic.

If you do take a road like the miracle mile, consider the direction you approach your destination from.  Consider taking an alternate route so that you are making a right turn off a busy road instead of a left.  Make sure you signal early, and use hand signals in addition to your turn signals too make it more likely that drivers will see you.  Use your whole lane so they won’t try to sneak past you in your lane, and keep an eye on traffic approaching from the rear.  Keep your bike in gear and be ready to accelerate forward if you see a car that doesn’t look like it is going to stop.

Thanks for reading, and remember to ride safely!


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