Our long winter is finally (we hope) over.

look twice verticalBut it took a toll on the roads in the Twin Tiers, so as you head out for your first ride of the season, watch for the monster holes dotting our weary streets and rural roads.

But there is another HUGE danger facing riders, and that’s EVERYONE WHO DRIVES A CAR.

After many months without motorcycles on the road, drivers have seemingly relaxed and forgotten about us. They look at us like they have never seen motorcycles before. They have forgotten to be vigilant and smart and safe.

They have forgotten to watch for motorcyclists.

The Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) chapters across the U.S. are trying to get the word out to drivers in the news media.

In Erie County, Pa., where 11 people were killed last year in motorcycle accidents, there has already been one death, a 45-year-old rider.

“I just hope it’s not going to be like last year.” said Vince Rizzone of ABATE of Erie County. “For four years now, I’ve been going to hospital visits and funeral rides.”

An Erie County motorcyclist is already seeing the dangers on the road.

“The potholes are everywhere and people are not really paying attention to where we are,” said Mark Overmoyer.

In Suffolk County, N.Y., on Long Island, where roads are very congested, concern is running high.

“Our attempt is to try and get the message out to motorists that we’ll be on the roads,” said Jim Barr, president of Long Island’s branch of ABATE.

To read more about motorcycle safety and pass the word to family and friends who have forgotten about us, here are some of the best online resources:

New York State Department of Transportation

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Motorcycle Safety Program

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

If you have any tips that will help riders this year, please share them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading, and ride safely this year,


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