A 24-year-old motorcyclist was killed Tuesday night in a collision with a sport-utility vehicle in Broome County.  The cause of the collision is still under investigation.

The collision occurred at the intersection of Hooper Road and Watson Boulevard in the Town of Union, Broome County, NY.  The collision remains under investigation by the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, and no tickets have yet been issued.

Despite the fact that the collision remains under investigation and that no tickets have been issued, WBNG-TV reported that deputies said the motorcyclist, Andrew Bullock of Appalachin, NY , ran a red light at the intersection of in the town of Union and struck a 2009 Honda CRV driven by Joshua Yusuf, 22.

Bullock, riding a 2000 Suzuki, was transported to a local hospital with head injuries and died there. Yusuf and his passenger, Stacy Katala, 25, were treated at a local hospital for minor injuries, deputies said.

No charges or traffic tickets have been filed, deputies said.

The Binghamton Press newspaper report did not say who was at fault in the accident.

At this point, it appears that the police are continuing to investigate, as well they should.  Unless the the traffic light at issue was equipped with a traffic camera, the police will only be able to determine what happened by speaking to witnesses.  Andrew Bullock can’t tell his side of the story, and anything said by the driver and passenger of the SUV must be viewed with some skepticism until it can be compared with objective evidence and the statements of any witnesses.

It is too soon to say what happened, and witnesses should contact the authorities so police can complete their investigation!

It is the witnesses in particular that will be most important in helping the police determine what happened.  I am sure the police are speaking with all witnesses they are aware of, but in many cases there are other witnesses who have some knowledge to share.  If anyone reading this has any information that could be helpful to the investigators, I urge you to call the Broome County Sheriff’s Office – they can put you in contact with the investigators handling this case.

The phone number at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office is 607-778-1911.  PLEASE call them if you have any information that may be helpful to their investigation.  Witnesses need to come forward for the truth to come out.

Thanks for reading, and ride safe!


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