Motorcycle-Symbol-Sign-K-7192A motorcyclist was hospitalized Monday afternoon after his motorcycle collided with a car on state Route 13.

You can see the story here.

The collision occurred on Route 13 just South of Alpine Junction.  There was no word on his condition, or the cause of the collision as of yet.

What is it with Route 13 this year?  There have been multiple collisions and multiple fatalities in this same area with regularity this year.  I wrote about some of those collisions here.  As I warned in a previous post, there are just some areas that we should try and avoid — such as the Miracle Mile in Horseheads, which I wrote about last week..  But how are we supposed to avoid Route 13?  For some bikers, its a necessary route, as the local Harley Davidson Dealership is located at Alpine Junction.

In addition to sales and service and inspections, there are many events that occur at this dealership.  Folks in the area should be conditioned to seeing bikes – I know I see some every time I am in that area.  It just goes to show that as bikers, we can never let out guard down.

Thanks for reading, and remember to ride safely.


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