The American Motorcyclist Association has just created another tempting reason to become an AMA member.

The group has just released a fascinating, brand-new online publication, the 2010 AMA Voter Guide.

This guide is a national look at how legislators feel in regards to issues important to motorcyclists.

The AMA is a non-partisan group that advocates for laws that reflect bikers’ best interests, from rider training and education to maintaining off-highway vehicle access in national parks.

The AMA sent a questionnaire to every federal and gubernatorial candidate of the major political parties. Those who responded were given a “fuel-guage” rating  from full to empty, based on how closely their answers mirrored the AMA position on issues.

The Voter Guide is designed to help motorcyclists understand where candidates and incumbents stand on motorcycling-related issues. In the case of individuals already in office, it tracks how their voting records mirror the AMA stance.

I recently blogged about the New York State Assembly website, and how you can search for specific legislation concerning motorcycles, “Elmira Motorcycle Attorney: Discover New York’s New Motorcycle Laws Before They Get Passed”. I think this AMA Voters Guide is a great companion piece for any motorcyclist concerned about the future of this great activity.

Note: The 2010 AMA Voters Guide is only available to AMA members. It’s easy and inexpensive to join – and membership has plenty of benefits (including roadside assistance). Check it out at the AMA webpage, Ride Safer and Save Money with an AMA Membership.

Thanks for reading and ride safe.
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