rider viewThe American Biker Talk Blog shared a shocking post on April 1 (please note the date) that led to a lot of chatter in the motorcyling community.

The headline: Government Mandates Autonomous Motorcycles By 2018.

The post says that the Department of Transportation  and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were announcing that in as early as 2018, all motorcycles will have to have “fully autonomous, self-plotting capabilities.”

As I said, folks, check the date of the blog post.

G-4 Watch For Motorcycles GRAPHICI have seen this post making the rounds of motorcycle blogs I follow, and people are thinking its real, but this obviously an April Fools’ Day joke.  At least for now.

Stay vigilant, though, as this kind of nonsense could someday come to pass if the nanny state continues to legislate away our freedoms.

The blog post quotes DOT “spokesman” Melvin P. Meyers, who said: “The goal is not to remove the freedom of adventure of riding a motorcycle, but rather to create harmony on the road between two- and four-wheeled vehicles, and avoid the sorts of accidents that claim many lives every year.”


The post says there were “extensive” government trials using rhesus monkeys on miniaturized motorcycles  “that have already proven the system us all but failsafe.”

I recommend you read the entire blog post. It is funny, yes, but it should also make you think and, yes, be vigilant.

Of course we in the motorcycling community all know that if they really wanted to make the highways safe for everyone, they would make all the 4 wheeled vehicles on the road autonomous, as quite frankly, Rhesus Monkeys could do a better job of driving than some of the drivers currently on the road.

For now, this proposal is nothing more than an April Fools joke, but never put anything past the state.  Ignore things like this at your own peril!

Thanks for reading.


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