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The Ziff Law Firm is proud to announce that Adam Gee, one of our injury and malpractice attorneys and an author of this blog, was recently added to the faculty of Solo Practice University . Solo Practice University is a web-based educational and professional networking community for lawyers and law students. Adam will be teaching a class on one of his favorite areas of practice, motorcycle accident law. Adam is the author of a book on motorcycle insurance entitled “Would You Ride Your Motorcycle Naked?”

“Motorcycle collisions have become an important part of my practice, and I learned very quickly that motorcycle collisions aren’t like other automobile cases” explains Adam. “The biggest mistake an attorney new to handling motorcycle cases can make is assuming the way they handle a car crash will work in a motorcycle case; the rules are different, the people are different, the science is different, and the attitudes of the insurance adjusters and jurors are different. Recognizing this at the front end is key to obtaining a just result for your client at the conclusion of your case.”

When asked why he agreed to join the faculty of Solo Practice University, Adam explained there were two major reasons. “First, I want to do whatever I can to make sure that bikers receive top notch representation. If I can help other attorneys across the country avoid some of the pitfalls and overcome the problems I have discovered in handling these case, I feel it is my obligation to share that information. Secondly, I fundamentally agree with the message and purpose of Solo Practice University. Law school teaches you how to think like a lawyer. They teach you how to read and analyze cases, where to find the law, and give you the very basics in a number of different areas of practice. The scary reality is that law schools are horrible at teaching you how to actually practice law. Solo Practice University bridges that gap by allowing experienced attorneys to give real world instruction on finite areas of law. This is what law schools should be teaching their students.”

Please visit Adam and a host of other great attorneys as they teach the topics they know best at Solo Practice University.


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