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It’s unfortunate that most people talk about bicycle safety for just children, as if adults don’t ride.

Children are required to wear helmets in N.Y. and many other states but I would like to see EVERYONE wearing helmets now. Riding has become more challenging with difficult road conditions with distracted, impatient and careless motorists so every little bit of safety improvements help.  That’s why I think everyone should wear a helmet whenever they ride.

With that said, I do recognize that in many bike crashes and collisions, a helmet would not have helped prevent injury but in those cases when a helmet could help, it seems to me to be worthwhile to wear a helmet.  At least that is my two cents on the helmet topic….. and that is why I ALWAYS wear a helmet.

I’ll say it again: bicycle safety is not just for children!

We are happy to provide the graphic above to the folks in the Twin Tiers and beyond. If you follow those tips closely, you have a much better chance to ride and arrive safely at any age!

Here is a PDF of the graphic you can download: Ziff_Bike_Infographics

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