New bike-friendly baggage cars produced at CAF USA will be available on Amtrak long-distance routes by the end of the year.

New bike-friendly baggage cars produced at CAF USA will be available on Amtrak long-distance routes by the end of the year.

Amtrak will soon offer bike-friendly baggage cars on all 15 of its long-distance routes, thanks to workers at CAF USA in Elmira Heights, according to the New York Bicycling Coalition.

CAF USA was awarded a $298.1 million contract in 2010 to build the baggage cars and other cars for Amtrak.  This is great news for our local economy and it is great news for all N.Y. cyclists.

The Coalition said the new cars’ built-in luggage racks will secure unboxed bicycles, which means passengers will no longer have to box their bicycles to be checked as baggage. As someone who has frequently traveled with my bikes, I LOVE the fact that Amtrak is making it so much easier to take bikes on their train.

CAF USA is producing bike-friendly baggage cars for Amtrak in Elmira Heights/

CAF USA in Elmira Heights.

As the Coalition noted in this blog post:

“This is good news for bicycle-touting passengers using New York’s only long-distance Amtrak train, the Lake Shore Limited, who will benefit from the new bike-friendly baggage car service on this route between New York City and Chicago.

“The improved service will make it easier for cyclists to travel by train from New York City to many upstate destinations, including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and Albany.  The service will also contribute to bicycle tourism in the state by providing a more convenient way for cyclists in the Midwest to access some of New York’s best bicycling destinations and events via rail.”

“(The) New York Bicycling Coalition has long advocated for roll-on bicycle service on Amtrak trains in New York, and we remain committed to introducing and improving rail transportation options for bicyclists in an effort to promote bicycle tourism across the state,” said Josh Wilson, Executive Director of New York Bicycling Coalition.  “This news is fantastic, and we hope to see this service expanded to other Amtrak routes in New York.”

According to the Coalition, shorter corridor routes in New York, including the Adirondack, Ethan Allen, Maple Leaf and Empire Service trains, will not include the service. Bicycles can’t be carried onto these trains, which serve many smaller communities whose local economies often depend on tourism.

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