It’s time for action.

When I was elected president of the board recently of the New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC), a group that advocates for a safer New York State for bicyclists, I decided improving New York’s safe passing law would be at the top of my legislative agenda in Albany.

I need YOUR help (and it is real easy to help). Let me explain.

NYBC logoThe NYBC is urging a 3-foot safe passing law in New York to replace our ineffective current law, which only says that a car must pass at a “safe” distance but doesn’t give any guidance on what is a “safe” distance. Unfortunately, with such an ambiguous standard, many police and prosecutors take the position that any distance, even 6 inches, must have been “safe” if the car didn’t actually hit the cyclist, which is clearly ridiculous and very unsafe.

We need our state law to spell it out specifically for motorists and cyclists: that a minimum safe passing distance is 3 feet.

Many states say 3 feet is a safe passing distance, but Pennsylvania says it's 4 feet.

State Senator Tom O’Mara has agreed to sponsor the 3-foot passing distance amendment because he is dedicated to improving cycling safety for all New Yorkers.

Now I need my fellow New Yorkers to join the fight.

First, please click on this link to send an email to your state legislators, asking them to co-sponsor or support the 3-foot passing law.

IN ADDITION, if you can spare a little more time, please schedule a visit with your legislator to ask them face-to-face to support this amendment – because it is the most effective way to really get a Senator or Assemblyman to support the proposed law.

Here are links to the state Senate and state Assembly so you can find your local legislators.

I have handled hundreds of bicycle accident cases in my almost 30 years as a lawyer. I have represented cyclists from all over the state, and I know all too well the dangers we all face every time we ride. It is my personal goal to see fewer fatalities and injuries, and I hope to achieve that goal while working hard on behalf of NYBC.

Thank you for helping to make our roads safer!


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