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I am a longtime bicyclist who fights for injured riders in our courts, and I will be happy to talk about issues that are important to bicyclists, such as today’s question about keeping children safe when they are on their bikes.

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Q: My oldest child is getting the training wheels off his first bicycle this spring and I am worried about how he can be safer when he ventures into the road with motorists. Do you have any suggestions about how we can prepare our son?

Jim Reed: Having taught many children how to ride bikes, I have a few key pieces of advice:

ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET: Always. Teach them early that riding a bike means wearing a helmet at all times.

PICK A SMALL BIKE WHERE THEIR FEET CAN REACH THE GROUND WHILE SEATED: Being able to touch your feet on land inspires confidence and removes some of the fear.

boy with helmetPLAN FOR SOFT LANDINGS AND REMEMBER CRASHING IS PART OF LEARNING: I like to teach kids on nice, flat, soft grass because crashing always occurs so soft landings are essential. Make it clear to your student that there will be some crashing but that is part of the process.  And when the inevitable fall occurs, make it part of the fun. Kids watch adults like hawks, and if you communicate fear or worry, they will devolve into a puddle of tears rather than laughing and getting over it. Kids are incredibly tough and resilient if we just give them a chance.

Here are some great online resources that will help you prepare your child for the open road and its thrills — and dangers:

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How To Learn To Ride A Bike In 15 Minutes

New York State Department of Health (see other great links on this page)

Schwinn: Teach Your Kid How To Ride

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The Center For Cycling Education: Riding With Kids

KidsHealth: Bike Safety

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