As an avid cyclist from Upstate New York, I have ridden my bike in Rochester, N.Y., many times for recreational riding, races and commuting.

Rochester is blessed with one of the most progressive and active cycling advocacy groups in NY, the Rochester Cycling Alliance as well as many recreational and racing clubs.

Bicycling in Rochester is thriving and Rochester continues to make great strides to make the City of Rochester a safer and more attractive place to ride your bike.

To that end, the City of Rochester has recently begun construction of a huge project to make the Inner Loop more cycling-friendly. You can read more about it here and even watch a video simulation of what it will be like to walk, ride your bike and drive through the redesigned Inner Loop.

maxresdefaultYou can find more tails about the project here, too.

It’s good news for the business community, too, according to the Rochester Business Journal.

I just wanted to congratulate the many folks who worked so hard to make this project a reality and applaud the City of Rochester for its commitment to making Rochester a safer place to walk and ride your bike.

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