Support NYBC please....

Let me apologize in advance for tooting my own horn but I am honored to have been unanimously elected to the Board of Directors recently for the New York Bicycling Coalition, an organization I have long admired that “advocates for the rights of all bicyclists and pedestrians in every region of New York by supporting safety, education, and access for road and trail users.”

I will also be NYBC’s designated Bicycle Accident Legal Consultant which is a logical extension of my work on bike accident cases. In the past, the news media contacts me when they need a bicycle accident lawyer’s comments for a story, and I am always happy to help in any way I can to educate the public about bicycle safety and the rights of bicyclists. I have been quoted nationally in the  The New York Times, the New York Post and locally in many papers including the Elmira Star-Gazette and The Leader in Corning .

I am flattered and excited to join the Board because I have long been impressed with the tremendous cycling advocacy work performed by NYBC. I also know that some of the most influential and passionate bicycling advocates in New YorkStateare on the board and I am very excited to start working with them to promote cycling throughout the state.

As the designated bicycle accident legal consultant, I hope to better educate cyclists throughout the state as to their legal rights when they have had the misfortune to be injured in a bike accident.

And finally, I hope to help advocate for new laws that will better protect the cycling community.

I hope all of my readers, regardless of whether they are riders, will consider joining the NYBC to help improve cycling for ALL in New York State.

Check out the NYBC website to learn more about this great organization and how you can join.

NYBC advocates for bicyclists with local, state and federal government agencies. NYBC educates New Yorkers about the benefits of riding and walking. NYBC participates in training programs, and you can download its very helpful Safety Manual here.

They are a great resource, and I am honored to bring this great organization to your attention. I will say more about NYBC in the coming months!

Thanks for reading!


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