Smart gas station owners in the U.S. should consider offering Bicycle Care Stations. (Courtesy of

I love this idea! Some gas stations in Copenhagen actually cater to cyclists by offering them a place to fix their bikes and pump up their tires.

Norway’s Statoil, a major oil company in Scandinavia with gas stations in Denmark, has earned the respect of bicyclists worldwide for welcoming bicyclists. Statoil, according to, has installed Bicycle Care Stations. In the photo at right is a station in Copenhagen, the City of Cyclists!

Statoil has created a special place for bicyclists to fix, tune upm or pump their bicycles. The sign reads:

“Dear Cyclist,
You can care for your bicycle here. You can pump and wash your bicycle and, inside the shop, you’re welcome to borrow a free bicycle care kit with oil, tire levers, allen keys, etc. 

In the center of the bike diagram is a rack that folds down so you can hang your bicycle up for repairs, cleaning or whatever. There is an air hose on the right and paper towels and plastic gloves on the left.

As the writer says on the website: “A modest investment, and in a flash, this station is bicycle friendly.”

Another blogger, at, cheers the move by Statoil and makes a great point: “It’s not as important as primary infrastructure like safe bike lanes and bike storage, but support infrastructure like this helps, if only to increase the visibility of biking as a legitimate way to get around.”

What a great, cheap idea that U.S. gas stations could easily embrace to differentiate themselves from every other gas station.

And it would make great business sense, because even though a bicyclist might not be buying gas while out riding their bike, they need a different kind of “fuel” and that is the food and drinks cyclists consume in huge quantities!

Not to mention, most cyclists also drive, and given the fact that cyclists tend to be loyal customers to those rare businesses that actually support their cycling, I suspect cyclists would flock to bike-friendly gas stations to fuel their thirsty cars.

Sure seems like a Win/Win for both the gas station and the cycling community! I hope we’ll soon see some in Elmira, Corning and across the Twin Tiers!

Thanks for reading and remember to ride safely!

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