Bike-Lane-Arrow1As an attorney who handles many bike accident cases every year and is also an avid bicyclist, I have seen a growing hostility toward cyclists from the motorist community in the last few years.

Sometimes I begin to think that my opinion about this is just my imagination, caused by the fact that I ride almost every day and meet with cyclists every day, so I am just exposed to it more than others.

But I just learned of a Facebook FanPage that confirms it is NOT my imagination and that there are MANY, MANY, MANY motorists who are willing to openly declare war on cyclists.

This page is called: “There’s a perfectly good path right next to the road you stupid cyclist!” and it features gems like these:

  • “No matter how far to the left you are, you’re taking up my road.”
  • “My car is hard, and I am not slowing down!”
  • “Cars are hard, cyclists are not.”

Lest you think this is an isolated phenomena, this FanPage has more than 36,000 fans! It’s sickening to me that anyone would become a “fan” of such a demented page.

It’s truly frightening (and sad) that there are more than 36,000 people who are willing to publicly proclaim that cyclists have no right to be on the roads.

Let me be clear: In New York, a bicyclist has a perfect legal right to be on the road. Motorists may not like that fact but that’s the law.

I represent injured cyclists every day and I know first-hand the devastation a car vs. bike collision can cause — death, paralysis, fractures, huge lacerations — are common. I have no hesitation at all to pursue the insurance and every asset of any motorist who disregards New York state law and hits one of my clients.

I truly wish motorists would learn to respect bicyclists rights and treat them with respect. Sad to say, there are many ignorant people who consciously disregard the safety of vulnerable cyclists.

Thanks for reading and RIDE SAFELY,

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