Vehicle parked in bicycle lane

A new YouTube video makes a funny but smart point about bike lane safety,

I am a bike rider. I am a lawyer. I encourage EVERYONE, bike riders AND motorists, to obey the law.

But as a bike rider who knows NY and PA bicycling laws, I can tell you that there are MANY laws on the books that make absolutely no sense.

And I can also tell you that there are many people, including some police officers and judges, who simply do NOT know the law as it applies to NY bicyclists.

I know from painful personal experience how frustrating it is for cyclists to encounter motorists or police who mistakenly tell them they are “breaking the law” when in fact they are not.

The video below is awesome because it portrays in a VERY comical fashion what happens when you strictly comply with what a police officer has told you is the law. Sometimes humor is the best revenge.

Here is what happened, according to The Associated Press: filmmaker Casey Niestat was issued a $50 ticket for not riding his bicycle in a Manhattan bicycle lane. Niestat told the officer he was riding on Second Avenue to avoid potential hazards in the bicycle lane.

In a video posted online this week, Niestat plows his  bike into various obstacles in bike lanes, including barrels, delivery trucks and even a police car. He told the AP that none of the obstacles were placed there for the video.


The AP noted that bicyclists must stay in the bike lanes, when they are available, except when conditions are not safe! And tickets are at the discretion of all officers!

P.S.:  The lawyer in me feels compelled to note that I do NOT endorse riding without a helmet (EVER!) and I sure as heck don’t recommend intentionally crashing your bike into anything but the biker in me sure did find this funny…..  🙂

Thanks, Jim


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