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Always preserve your data if you have a bicycle accident on a bike with a GPS-enabled computer.

I have to admit that as a lawyer in Upstate New York, I never expected that I would get a call from a New York Times reporter.

Sure, I have been interviewed many times by local papers and even a few times by national legal papers but I never imagined I would get called by the New York Times. Wow!

Today, I had a great chat with John Markoff, a New York Times Senior Writer, who is writing an article about using GPS data to reconstruct bicycle accidents. John found a post I had done about using the GPS data from a client in one of my bike accident cases to defuse a false insurance company claim that my client was “going like a bat out of hell … at least 30 miles per hour.”

In that case, I was able to produce the GPS data from my client’s Garmin cycling computer, which confirmed my client was only going 18 mph when he was mowed down by the negligent driver. This objective proof helped put the lie to the other driver’s claim and permitted me to obtain a substantial settlement with the driver’s insurance carrier.

Without the GPS data, I would have been left with the old “he said, she said” argument. With the GPS data, I had cold, hard, objective proof of the exact speed my client was riding his bike. That proof can make all the difference in the world when handling bike accident lawsuits.

John and I had a great chat about his own bike accident and how he was able to use his GPS data to recreate exactly how he crashed. John was riding solo when he crashed and had no recall of what caused him to crash because he was knocked unconscious and was taken from the scene by paramedics. He was able to analyze his GPS data to determine exactly where he crashed and was able to identify a pothole he believes caused his crash.

So aside from my own thrill in being interviewed by THE Times, the real takeaway from this discussion is a reminder that if you ever have the misfortune to be involved in a bike accident on a bike that is equipped with a GPS-enabled computer, make sure to safely maintain the GPS data for analysis by your bicycle accident lawyer.

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