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 As an avid cyclist, and as someone who values keeping my brains on the INSIDE of my skull,  I have had to reluctantly accept that wearing a dorky bicycle helmet is a fact of life.

And I often hear adults, who are NOT required to wear a helmet under NY law, but who understand that wearing a helmet just makes good sense, say that they would love to ride their bike more around town if they didn’t have to suffer the dreaded “helmet hair.”

So, I just LOVED hearing about a way that I could ride without a helmet and still have the full protection of a helmet. So if you love riding, or if you just love brilliant technology, you really must watch this video about a product I think will be HUGE worldwide.

Behold the Hovding Invisible Bike Helmet!  Essentially, it is an airbag for your head.

Two Swedish design students came up with this brilliant idea as part of an exam project. To see how it works, you have to watch to the end of the video linked above.

OK, so it’s not invisible. But it is like a vehicle airbag and sits around your neck like a scarf. When it detects an impact or a sudden shift in gravity, the airbag opens into a helmet!

The helmet is available only in Europe for now. It costs about the equivalent of $535, according to news reports. It will have to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission standards before it will be sold in the U.S.

But I bet it won’t be long before they are selling in U.S. stores … and we we can only hope the helmets will be far less expensive once they go in to full production.

Here is the Hovding website to learn more about this amazing new product!

Read more news about the helmets here and here.

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