blog1.jpg - Gear Up To See Washington By Bicycle! DC Cycling Concierge Offers Great Bike Tours

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Jeff Miller of DC Cycling Concierge.

Jeff Miller, the former Executive Director of the national Alliance for Biking and Walking, and a recent consultant to the New York Bicycling Coalition (I am NYBC Board President), has come up with a cool business idea in Washington, D.C.: he runs bicycle tours of the nation’s capital!

What a great way to see all the beautiful monuments in Washington!

DC cycling - Gear Up To See Washington By Bicycle! DC Cycling Concierge Offers Great Bike ToursJeff’s new venture, DC Cycling Concierge, is just taking off but he’s already rubbed elbows with the rich, powerful and famous, like former California Gov. (and movie star) Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Here is what Jeff wrote in his blog about meeting Arnold:

“Yes, I got to be Arnold’s personal bike guide barely a month after my launch. It started with a call from a hotel concierge, asking my availability to take a VIP guest for a ride.

“Later that evening, I had arranged everything and took the governor for a ride around D.C. and several monuments he wanted to visit. It was pretty surreal, riding with someone so famous and watching the wave of reaction from people walking, biking, and driving around D.C. as we rolled by.

“From an article in the Washington Post to his posts on Instagram (with over 200,000 likes!), Facebook and Snapchat, it created a fun stir on social media.

Italians.jpg - Gear Up To See Washington By Bicycle! DC Cycling Concierge Offers Great Bike Tours

Jeff Miller took the the Beghetto family of Italy to the Arts of Peace monument, which was made in Italy in 1950. It is on Lincoln Memorial Circle in West Potomac Park.

“Halfway through our ride, I mentioned a slight detour option and the governor replied, ‘Maybe we can do that tomorrow.’

“And indeed, we went for another ride the next day with a trip to the Capitol that included an impromptu and personal tour of the Capitol Building by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.”

Jeff has already had guests from all over the country and world, he said. “Many are experiencing their first visit to DC. Others grew up here, but enjoy the convenience of having someone else handle the details, safety, and route.”

Take your own bike or Jeff will help you arrange a rental. So next time you are in Washington, check out the DC Cycling Concierge!


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