Our thoughts are with the family of a young girl who was struck by a vehicle Sunday evening while riding her bicycle on Broadway in Southport.

Police said the little girl was struck by a vehicle leaving the KFC/Taco Bell parking lot.

Under NY law, it is the obligation of a driver entering a roadway to yield the right of way to any other vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  It appears this driver violated that law by failing to yield the right of way to the bicyclist.

The girl was transported to one of the Elmira hospitals for treatment and evaluation, state police said.

I am sure the family of the girl who was struck were very shaken by the crash, and I am also sure the motorist who struck her was distraught by their carelessness.

Obviously, no one wants to be the driver who hits and injures or kills another person. So remember this girl and the driver the next time you get in a car. It’s important to look both ways AT LEAST TWICE for bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, skateboarders, etc., whenever entering a roadway from anywhere – a driveway, a drive-through lane, a parking lot, you name it.

I have learned this from years of handling heartbreaking crash cases: These unfortunate crashes often happen because drivers are focused on looking for big cars or trucks and are simply not looking for the many smaller road users like bicyclists or motorcyclists.

As the old adage goes, “You can’t see what you aren’t looking for.”

Take your time.  And always be on the lookout for something smaller than a car or truck when you are driving.

Lives depend on your vigilance. Look twice.

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