Mountain biking is a fantastic activity for kids – it’s exciting, active, contributes to an appreciation of nature, and we can only hope! an ongoing interest in bicycling.

An upcoming local event presents the perfect opportunity to introduce children to the sport: Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 2 at Pirozzolo Park, by the Elmira Town Hall. For about 2 and a half hours, children will learn about mountain biking safety from experienced riders and then take a fun ride along the Chemung River.

The event is sponsored by the Finger Lakes Mountain Bike Club, and the Friends of the Chemung River Watershed.

The event was created by the International Mountain Biking Association to not only pass on a love of bicycling to a new generation, but to honor the memory of young mountain biker Jack Doub. The teenager from North Carolina was very passionate about the sport but tragically, he passed away in 2002. This event, now at the sixth annual mark, is one of the ways the IMBA encourages kids to have the same passion for the sport of mountain biking as young Jack did.

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day stresses safety while the kids have a great time. Kids will learn about responsible riding habits, equipment, and good manners on the Chemung River Trails they’ll be riding.

Parents are welcome to join in, but chaperones and trail guides will be with the children at all times. After the ride, refreshments will be served at Pirozzolo Park while the kids and guides get to recap the experience.

What kids need to participate in Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day:

  • An off-road capable bicycle
  • A water bottle to get rehydrated along the way.
  • A waiver signed by all participants and parents before the ride.
  • A helmet. Helmets are mandatory to participate in this event.

If you don’t have a helmet, the Finger Lakes Mountain Bike Club may have one for you or your child to use. Just contact the club to find out.

Let me recap the details:

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day
10 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 2
Pirozzolo Park, West Elmira Town Hall, 1208 W. Water St. Elmira, NY 14905

Bring a bike, Wear a helmet, and grab a water bottle.

Use this link to download an IMBA Take a Kid Mountain Biking registration form.

Thanks for reading, ride safely – and teach your kids to ride safely too!

– Jim


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