No Bikes on Elmira Business District Sidewalks

There is a City of Elmira Ordinance adopted in 1998 that refers to bicycles on sidewalks in any business district in the city:

“No person, regardless of age, shall operate a bicycle upon any public sidewalk located within any business district of the City of Elmira.  In addition, no person fourteen years of age or older, shall operate a bicycle upon any public sidewalk within the City of Elmira.”

In English, this means adults are prohibited from riding on any City of Elmira sidewalk, while kids under 14 are permitted to ride on city sidewalks so long as they are not within the”business district.”

As a practical matter this means it is against the law for an adult bicyclist to ride his or her bike on the sidewalk, so to those motorists who scream “Get your bike off the road and ride on the sidewalk where you belong!” you can coolly and calmly tell them it would be AGAINST THE LAW for you to do so ….

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