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My heart goes out to the bicyclist who was involved in the bike/car accident on the Walnut Street Bridge Tuesday in Elmira.

Details of the accident are still very limited, but it appears that this was a very bad accident as the bicyclist, identified only as an adult male, was airlifted from Arnot Ogden Medical Center to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester.

At this time, Elmira Police have not released details of exactly how the collision occurred but from the photos and the damage to the bike, it appears that the car ran over the top of the bike.  Needless to say, with so few details it is impossible to know whether this accident was the fault of the bicyclist, the motorist or due to some other factor.  But regardless of fault, it always sad to see that someone got seriously hurt so my hope is that the bicyclist will be OK.

Police told the Star-Gazette and WETM-TV that the driver of the car remained at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation.

Police are asking that anyone who witnessed the accident to call the Traffic Bureau at (607) 737-5640 or the Detective Bureau at (607) 737-5610.

One cautionary note to my bike-riding readers:

I was out riding my bike very shortly after this collision and within a mile of this collision (at the time, I knew nothing about this bike accident). I was riding single file with two other bicyclists and we were to the right very close to the curb. Despite our doing everything possible to not obstruct traffic in any way, an obviously irate SUV driver beeped at us from behind, nearly sideswiped us, and then the driver pulled directly across our path to make a right-hand turn, nearly running us down.

As we all know, many motorists view cyclists as pure annoyances but the rage of many drivers seems to be escalating …. Sooooo, be VERY careful out there folks.  Motorist hostility against bikes seems to be at an all-time high.

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